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The Process: How We Work

At HD Solutions, we work with you, to create the story you envision. We interview the client at length, then collaborate and advise.

In the pre-production phase, we research the subject, develop interview questions, and create a paper edit, ie. a verbal sketch of the shape the video will take.

In the production phase, we use our High Definition equipment to interview subjects, shoot live-action, and B-roll or cutaway footage. We find pertinent archival footage and still photos and prepare them for edit.

In post-production phase, we capture the footage in the computer, log, and edit. We create an off-line version, a rough cut, and finally an on-line version including animation, graphics and music with the emphasis always on High Definition.

In the post-production stage, we edit collaboratively, so the client may always choose to join in the process. In the end, the client becomes the director!

Our desire is to consistently create a compelling finished product, whether for web or disc duplication, that tells the best story possible...your story.